My truth

I will not let you tell me that my dreams will never be realized. I will not let you tell me that what makes me happy will not be materialized. I will not let you make me believe that the scars on my body will be etched into my soul. I'm made of love, I... Continue Reading →



What reassures me the most is someday I'm going to talk about it freely just like I'm gently letting out all my sorrows from the past, forgiving myself for everything I've done and let them do to me.

Time away.

And I hope my soul would disconnect with every part it has lost to people who never meant to nurture it and didn't deserve to have.

– the happy, free summer is coming.

Now I'll be most glad to see the sun shining more out of the darkness and the birds chirping more over the silence. And I'm so glad most people won't get to see me most days and certain people won't get to see me anymore. - the happy, free summer is coming.

Bad memories from our past are like rust on the nails. The nails of our structure. Like something grime on something solid. And sometimes we let the moisture get to the nails.


When a wave shakes you hard. The outcome is always either good or bad. You turn into a bitter or a wise person. But you always have to choose the option which makes you stronger. Because time again, when the wave hits you again, you have to fight it. Always choose strong.

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