And I hope my soul would disconnect with every part it has lost to people who never meant to nurture it and didn't deserve to have.


Now I'll be most glad to see the sun shining more out of the darkness and the birds chirping more over the silence. And I'm so glad most people won't get to see me most days and certain people won't get to see me anymore. - the happy, free summer is coming.

Bad memories from our past are like rust on the nails. The nails of our structure. Like something grime on something solid. And sometimes we let the moisture get to the nails.


The person of my creative imagination, Let me describe your indiscernible existence In my life, even in the reality station, You have me in your astonishing trance. Best portrayed with adjectives, There's the sauntering role of you They have no idea about your motives These disincentive people don't know. In my mind, inside my head,... Continue Reading →

Their Demons

Counting the span of your interests, Keep changing, none did ever last, You play with them, toss them away Like the rythm in chest which beats so fast. Won't you filter out your wrong deeds? Beloved throw away them, all bad memories. For I'll never let them be the seeds, The foundation of the future... Continue Reading →

Orison – Poem

​Faith ​I sleep at night thinking about the stomachs unfilled, The death of people that become the bodies, The pain in hearts of those ones who get hurt, The empty souls who didn't get the love. The darkest days they cover the light, The struggling men, they who plea, The ones who lost everything dear,... Continue Reading →

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