And I hate myself for still letting you, create a havoc in my world of despair. What comes out of melancholy's arms, Is a heart stronger than self. But I'm calling you worth every destroyed wall in debris, That it's likely you possess a material body, Because you keep telling me you're devoid of a... Continue Reading →


Wrong battle.

I figured out it had nothing to do with me, so I wonder, how many people are fighting the wrong battle. ©Nimisha Sharma


What's poetic of me was the girl who saw the beauty of the world, Before she laid eyes on you, Then all that was scraped off the affection, Turned out pure destruction, And I turned blind to everything, As long as it was specific to me. ©Nimisha Sharma


People always told me to not trust people. I never trusted then. Nobody ever told how not to be vulnerable before the wrong ones that has me like this today. © Nimisha Sharma

My truth

I will not let you tell me that my dreams will never be realized. I will not let you tell me that what makes me happy will not be materialized. I will not let you make me believe that the scars on my body will be etched into my soul. I'm made of love, I... Continue Reading →

Time away.

And I hope my soul would disconnect with every part it has lost to people who never meant to nurture it and didn't deserve to have.

– the happy, free summer is coming.

Now I'll be most glad to see the sun shining more out of the darkness and the birds chirping more over the silence. And I'm so glad most people won't get to see me most days and certain people won't get to see me anymore. - the happy, free summer is coming.

Bad memories from our past are like rust on the nails. The nails of our structure. Like something grime on something solid. And sometimes we let the moisture get to the nails.

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