The best I have.

It's about those singing piers, All the vocab hunts, The poetry slams, Sketching works. All about you. How brave I've been, Not for giving you this heart, I always carried it up my sleeve. It's those parts of me, Where I sacrificed my art. Every single moment, I was breaking myself, To build you in... Continue Reading →



How naive I've been, wishing on the shooting stars, wishing wells and all the 11:11s for you to come back to me. Thanking the miracles that made you stay, only to wince on a broken part, a hollow zone and a time I won't want to see. Honey, your ego will set you free Of... Continue Reading →


And I hate myself for still letting you, create a havoc in my world of despair. What comes out of melancholy's arms, Is a heart stronger than self. But I'm calling you worth every destroyed wall in debris, That it's likely you possess a material body, Because you keep telling me you're devoid of a... Continue Reading →

Wrong battle.

I figured out it had nothing to do with me, so I wonder, how many people are fighting the wrong battle. ©Nimisha Sharma


What's poetic of me was the girl who saw the beauty of the world, Before she laid eyes on you, Then all that was scraped off the affection, Turned out pure destruction, And I turned blind to everything, As long as it was specific to me. ©Nimisha Sharma


People always told me to not trust people. I never trusted then. Nobody ever told how not to be vulnerable before the wrong ones that has me like this today. © Nimisha Sharma

My truth

I will not let you tell me that my dreams will never be realized. I will not let you tell me that what makes me happy will not be materialized. I will not let you make me believe that the scars on my body will be etched into my soul. I'm made of love, I... Continue Reading →


What reassures me the most is someday I'm going to talk about it freely just like I'm gently letting out all my sorrows from the past, forgiving myself for everything I've done and let them do to me.

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