About Me

Hello, world and you.

I’m Nimisha and my last name is very basic. I’m 19 when I am writing this page, totally contrasting to what I wrote when I was 18. *Refresh*

So, you landed on this page despite the little boring description, you might wanna get to know me better. I’m not a fan of myself describing the same but here is my best shot at this.

I started ‘Pale Notions‘ way before it was up on web. A 9-year-old with random discoveries was the version of me that inspired the title. That’s when I started nourishing this idea, never expecting one day I would actually have the right words to say. To everything.

This blog was initially considered as my diary out of the papers because I prefer buying my dairies to scribble a page or two until the idea of someone finding about my weird feelings, comes haunting me. I’ve been writing since I was well over 8 years with absolutely rubbish handwriting and poor vocabulary. And a complaining mouth, that my brother took pleasure in roasting.

Which, you might have figured out why, through my posts. I write poetry, a few posts here and there, reviews (maybe?). And people around me do know about this weird blog. Because if you gotta say something, do it. People can choose to see it or ignore. Filtering.

And the things I’ve written are solely by myself. Though most of the pictures with them are royalty-free or I would have mentioned the ones that I captured. I don’t write for anything business or like that. It’s just my journal. But I can think of me writing a book in 5 years.

This was about the blog. For me as a person; I’ve been told that I’m easy-going, I can make friends very easily, unless, of course any case of disinterest. I have a history of good grades so I can voice up things without doubting myself ;).

I just love reading a lot, any book suggestions are welcomed, btw. Besides that, I keep sketching occasionally, I can dance but I don’t and I can’t sing but I do. Talking of which, I have a life outside the screen, literally. Im a middle-child, so reserved but so spontaneous, somewhere in between so there are times I can relate to my zodiac sign which is Pisces, btw. And I’m obsessed with my sign. I have a witch-like Ph-D in it.

I have a pet parrot, Coco. I would choose it over humans. He is a smartass. Damn! And all of my career goals are oriented at him. We don’t know the gender but the attitude speaks.

And I listen, ’cause I’m good at it. On a complete different note, I’m super meaningful and sarcastic. Trust me.

And that’s just about it. I’m happy to be here and happy to be noticed. If any of you feel like contacting me, you can write to me at-


Or be connected at any of my social media (linked in profile) except Facebook (good riddance!). Just don’t forget to introduce yourself.
I’ll definitely respond back.

– Nimisha.


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