About Me

“A small town girl who studies in the normal times, the other high times, she creates herself and the downtime is for putting the experience into words. Writing about experiences, imaginations, reality, etc.”

Born on March 8, 1999, stepped into the world as a chubby infant (yes, infant). I went to St. John’s School sometime back in 2002 and started comforting the fellow, crying classmates. I was used to being called humble, bubbly, generous and a brilliant student through my elementary and yet to come. Fast forward to completing High School in the year 2014 from the same missionary building with a set of praises and achievements. School was never hard for me except the 10th grade.

Had been admitted to a private school for Intermediate graduation, already skipped a year due to health issues. The issues that side-taught me about life and the true colors of it. And changed me from a careless life-lover to a mature analyzer.

As for my career decision, I was way too busy in taking care of myself, I couldn’t get a thought to decide. Finally, I’m pursuing law. And very happy about my choice.

Personally – I am a really shy individual, reserved and a very private person. I usually never believed in reality until that was the only option left for me when I came face-to-face with realization. I consoled myself through reading. My world revolves around books, textbooks, notebooks, anything with reading. As I’m growing up I’m trying to reflect my thoughts after reading, into writing stuff based on it. Its always better to pour it out. This blog would be all about the crazy threads that wind up in my mind.


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