How I felt about watching currently the most sensational show on Netflix ❝13 Reasons Why❞

Sure when something is going mainstream among your generation, you are bound to be either curious or totally neglecting about it. Type A is exciting folks, Type B is people like me.

So, I, being a stereotypical nerd with exams, decided to ignore the hype for a while. Lest, say for the rest of the popularity. Like I had my own few reasons to not watch the show-

1. I had my annual, high school – senior year exams.

2. I don’t go after anything mainstream.

3. Selena Gomez was a part of it (I’m definitely the judge here).

4. I unsubscribed from Netflix.

5. Narcos was my priority over it because I already denied watching 2 seasons of it. Apologies to my enthusiastic friend and gratitude too.

6. The show was rumored to be triggering. Anything that has to do with depression, suicide, etc., I have to think a thousand times about associating with it.

7. It was obviously a teenage drama and I’m more of a sci-fi, action and mystery person.

8. My mum would have killed me if I watched it in one go. And you exactly watch everything in one go if you want to get the feel of it.

9. I didn’t think the cast was even talented enough (Boy, was I wrong about that).

10. I didn’t read the book so I was totally clueless about the greatness of it.

11. I had to decide and think about my own career, college and life after my annuals. Talk about priorities but procrastination.

Okay, I’m not trying to make 13 of my reasons for not watching it. Still, I watched that’s why I’m writing about it. And I finished it fresh. Why I changed my mind? One reason, vacations that led to boredom and so much extra time that even the tardy would start to be punctual. Anyways, the point is my opinion of the show.

Initially it was gonna be settled in one season that composed of 13 episodes (duh!). Sounds exciting and easy. Not so much when you actually get to it.

Its about a girl named Hannah Baker who decided to end her life. But there is one strange thing she did, she made the tapes of 13 Reasons Why she did it. Each tape is one episode and our beloved Justin Foley, also Hannah’s first kiss, made it on the tapes; not once but twice. 

She left the tapes with her trusted friend Tony for a backup and also to Justin Foley, also tape number 1. Each person who listens to the tapes, passes them onto the next one on them until it reaches the last person. 

If any of them decides to stop passing them onto the next person, Tony would take care of it. Our hero has a backup.

First few episodes were kind of boring with the supposed teenage drama where you will dislike Hannah and judge her for what she did to her life. Surely, a few things here and there don’t make you wanna see the end of the razor on your arm. I’m saying that because, I, myself thought that she was just being unreasonable and all that happened to her was her fault.

But again, raincheck. Dude, seriously? She committed suicide and nobody deserves that. Its a big decision. And with all those pre- recorded tapes, you will either think that she wanted attention after her death (Like Justin and Bryce used to say) or you will think she was really suffering.

The tapes weren’t exactly her journal. She just wanted people to know why she did what she did and not judge her like they were already doing.

Like again – “How many suicides will it take for people to realize that words hurt?”

She was a new student, she made new friends, made some mistakes. One thing leads to another… Butterfly effect, and suddenly she was deep inside a mess. That she couldn’t handle or do anything about.

And the people who were supposed to be there for her like her best friends, betrayed her in the most high-schoolest way possible.

From Episode 1 of her first kiss to Episode 12 that led to a horrible incident, you will feel for Hannah. And the worst thing, she wasn’t offered any help, neither before or after. Her parents were too busy with their daughter’s future that they forgot to ask about her present. In this respect, I liked Clay’s parents better. They always looked out for his emotional needs.

Lesson – Parents really need to check their kids’ emotional needs before their material needs. 

Luckily, Hannah’s parents didn’t make it to the tapes. Pun intended.

One question might arise, if she made the tapes on all 12 people, why does Clay Jensen gets to be in the limelight. Well, his only fault was that he didn’t offer her love that could have saved her for a new start. The boy was innocent, but he still was a part of it. If only things could change. But he realised it too late; Hannah was gone and our lover boy was devastated.

Lesson- Just say it folks. Be honest to people you care about. Let them know you care. You don’t know what’s going on in their lives. Your words might make them feel wanted. 

But really, after Clay’s tape, you will start seeing the big harm that’s about to be done. Shit is going to get real peeps! And honestly, I didn’t have the heart to see the effect.

On the side note- You will see how the happy and vibrant faces from Episode 1 are going to look dreadful, like they have lost their light. That credit is on the direction. Each and everyone is effected. All their minds messed up. All of them being done wrong upon. Except one – Bryce Walker. He is just plainly the A-hole.

12 people, 13 tapes and one innocent person later you’ll realize what the mess man! This show will definitely meddle with your mind and you’ll be left with emotions about everyone. There are innocent deaths, ruined lives, devastated people, helpless others.. You just watched a complete emotional havoc.

And the bad news, you don’t know what has happened to Alex, one of Hannah’s ex-friends who made it to the tapes. Every person on the tape is either suffering or going to suffer. And you can’t know anything about it because before you realize, the season has ended.

Good news? On May 7 it was announced that there will be an Season 2. So that we can have justice for Hannah and everyone. We are happy 🙂 but messed at the same time. This show really effs up with the mind.

It shows about the daily struggles of normal kids, crushes, stereotypes, sexuality, parenting, love, promises, lies, cheating, conflicts, rape, etc. They couldn’t have depicted it better.

Some of my friends who already watched the show before I forced them to, concluded that this will make change. I’m glad atleast they can consider it. Nonetheless, we will have memes to let us remember the impact.

P.s. Everyone loves Tony and Jeff ❤ Just look at him.

On the aftermath, there is a little something I found on Pinterest to conclude about the show “13 Reasons Why”. I’ve seen people judging others for not watching the show. In their defence, the show indeed is triggering and has some graphic scenes that people with anxiety or other sensitivities should not watch. Its up to them. Don’t play the judge there.

Specifically, don’t be a reason for another Hannah Baker.

; Semicolon for when an author thinks to end a sentence but he decides not to.

Conclusion – Although it was heartbreaking, I loved 13 Reasons Why and the important message that Jay Asher gave out. This needed to be in light.


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