But you were just my imagination

The person of my creative imagination,
Let me describe your indiscernible existence
In my life, even in the reality station,
You have me in your astonishing trance.
Best portrayed with adjectives,
There’s the sauntering role of you
They have no idea about your motives
These disincentive people don’t know.
In my mind, inside my head,
The art of you is ostensible,
What I do and what I ever did,
For them it shouldn’t be enunciable.
It should be me and it should be you,
The limits shall there be perceived.
I don’t want to share any part of you
To them bodies, there’s nothing to be received.
No care in this world so small and restricted,
These are my boundaries that I’ve constructed.
Don’t let them in, don’t call them out,
I don’t have now nothing to worry about.
I’ve got you for myself, I don’t need them anymore.
They had their chance, I don’t give no more.

©Nimisha Sharma


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