Orison – Poem


​I sleep at night thinking about the stomachs unfilled,

The death of people that become the bodies,

The pain in hearts of those ones who get hurt,

The empty souls who didn’t get the love.

The darkest days they cover the light,

The struggling men, they who plea,

The ones who lost everything dear,

The innocent lives who live in fear.

I shut my eye and fill my lungs with the air of despair,

I believe in good, it all shall rise.

I have my faith there’s someone feeding the unfortunates,

In the peace that follows after they who died,

And the faith in the strength of the one who got hurt,

The hope still left for love for the soul that remained unspoken,

I know there will be a dawn that follows the dusk,

I believe in the prayers of the struggling men,

I’ll hope with belief that they all get answered.

For the ones who don’t have anything dear,

I’ll send my affection conveyed in my prayers.

For the ones who have had enough of wrong,

My heart calls out for you, you all stay strong.

To the ones who think they have no back,

I got you in my heart, this orison for help.

© Nimisha Sharma


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