Social Media Status- (Guest Post) by Taranpreet Singh

As my health started gaining its charms and was set to find a calm track again, in my life, I was rewinded and paced with my social media fever once more after like those of my seasonal breaks. I was connecting my way back to my friends, feeling general to be in the normal population this time. 

I was being asked numerous questions about my change of behaviour these past months (being a reserved person, I don’t give away too much, better none at all). My birthday twin from those of my school years found me and I was attuned to his acquaintances in the fore time. Considering, we had been really close in the high school years to the point of almost calling each other’s siblings.

That’s when I ran into this hilarious entity who remarkably threw the remarks on my brothers cum friend. Found the name of the guy was Taranpreet and they *coughs* all called him ‘T.P.’, religiously. I discovered my own new Sardarji friend so I invented with calling him Paaji. Yeah we did meet online at Instagram but the thoughts were mutual about philosophy, not to say we both were science students so that had been finding its way in the form of logics in our pointless conversations. And we had been talking a lot beause the guy obviously had an open mind that cushioned my thoughts well in the sea of muddle headed people.

Ever since I found that he had a praise worthy vision on more than many matters, I asked him to write something for my ‘boom-out-of-the-box blog’. I still remember him reacting to my agent acknowledged writings because I had been so discreet about my fingers typing more than just conversations. At which, I’m pretty good myself with communicating.

Then what, I almost expected him to deny my request after finding his Oh-So-Realatable works. I was quite stunned that he indeed would write something for the site you are reading on. Then came my part where I said I’d be busy with exams so he has all the time in the world to write anything he wanted.

And one moody night of mine, I logged back in Instagram (we did talk on many platforms but that was our coolest hangout place). I get a message from him to check my email where he has already sent the piece. Much to my amazed mind, I simply checked the document and I was given with a satirical poetry…

They found a way to sell coke to kid’s man,

They made it orange and you get it via a double tap on Instagram

It’s generational addiction,

A widespread affliction,

And kids need a few hundred lines before they get high anymore man.

The real prisoners aren’t behind bars they’re trapped behind the screens

And no matter how hard you hit that like button you won’t drown out the screams of the tragic truth –

That we have a failing youth. 

And we’ve yet to appreciate what that means… 


When getting 500 likes on a selfie is a child’s life goal,

How can we expect that not to take a psychological toll?

So yeah girl that selfie looks candid as f**k on the 22nd try,

and yeah bro spending three weeks salaries on a pair of shoes makes you look so damn fly.

So we need to change, because we are running out of time, 

because I feel like it’s the end of the world and if you don’t believe me fine,

I just don’t know what else you would call a generation of kids who only do it for the vine.

Back in my day when the street light came on you had to be home,

but how do you explain that to a generation of kids that have a flashlight app on their phone? 


So I sit and I write 

and I try to make intelligence cool again but all the authority figures are telling us to stop acting like hooligans.

all I’m trying to do is make these kids believe in school again.

I’m sure people will be like ask me where I get the right to preach when I’m guilty of so many of those things and I’ll  say of course, that’s why I write, is it not the caged bird that sings?

So while it’s the 5th of November and everyone is streets screaming remember remember, know that I don’t need to hide behind a mask to stand before you today, 

Because I’m not afraid of the truth, I believe in what I say. 

So excuse me officer I’m not burning down the city in an anonymous mask,

I’m just trying to get middle school kids to enjoy going to class. 


And I’ll slow this last part down because I fear I might be going just a bit too fast. 

There comes a time and a day, when the people that care need to stand up and say,

that it is up to us to teach these kids how to act, 

and that we need to give the youth their innocent back,

 and until the day we all realise this fact, 

we will be forever destined to take 2 steps forward, and three steps, back. 

– Taranpreet Singh

A Concerned Adult.

Taranpreet Singh
IT Committee, UPES AAPG Student Chapter
B.Tech. Applied Petroleum Engineering (2016-20)
Specialization In Upstream
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies
M: +919536531928

I couldn’t thank him enough for this hilarious, still very real depiction of the current world in words. 

Another thought came to my mind that how similar I am in my mind with this piece. Feels like “Yes, we should regulate ourselves. After all, we are leading towards a messy future.” Social media is encourag us to present a false picture of ourselves to fit in the society and even moreover fueling the people to present vulgarity in any free form. 

The younger ones who have vacated minds for high thoughts are now learning how to be rad and kill it with their attitude. We, ourselves, are following the wrong directions and show-casing them for the hype of the learners to follow the lead. They are doing it quite well by one person being worse than the other. Now let’s all become the worst to down case him.

Being a pop fan myself I recall the lyrics-“I think my generation is growing up complaining.” Because apparently, “Happy days are few and far between” for our teenagers. And I really don’t like the way it sounds. (– lyrics of ‘Head Up In The Clouds’ by Union J)

Unknowingly, I was again inspired by another friend called Taranpreet Singh and he nailed it despite being a very young person himself at the age of 18. We still have renowned thoughts inside ourselves. All we need is to learn and apply them more.


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